Our Values

Our Core Values are who we are. They are not just what we do, they are part of our DNA.

The Presence of God
A Spirit of Prayer
Worship / Music
God’s Word

Commitment / Dedication to a Vision / Visionary Leadership / Belief in People / Their Potential / Respect for Person /
Dignity / An atmosphere where the Call of God is heard / Passion

Aggressive Evangelism / Street Outreach / Rehabilitation / Church Planting / A Pioneer Spirit / Sacrificial Spirit / Church Growth

Spiritual Parenthood / Discipline / Commitment / Dedication / Sacrifice / Christian Character / Ethics / Morality / Integrity / Holiness

Discipleship / Reproduction / Spiritual Parenthood / Equipping / Training / Continual Learning / Giftedness / Development of Spiritual Gifts / Anointing / Spiritual Authority / Spiritual Warfare

Our Pastors

The vision for VOSD emerged out of the weekly gathering of Victory Outreach Church of San Diego. The mission is to create a church in San Diego that would be a home to all ages and represent the diversity of our beautiful city.

Our lead pastors have the heart to reach our city and beyond with the life-transforming message of Jesus. They believe in the next generation and value the wisdom and guidance of those that have gone before us.

Sunday Services

VOSD Crews

Crews are small gatherings of 10-15 people who meet in person or online to hang out, discuss a recent Sunday message and pray together.

Join A Team

Join a team today to begin making a difference and find your purpose while serving others. We can all play a part in what God is doing no matter our age or background.



VOSD High is the junior high and high school community of VOSD Church. We are committed to creating a place where young people can belong, grow, and encounter God. We meet through VOSD Crews and seasonal events.


Phone: (619) 262-0172

Email: contact@vosd.tv 

Church Location: 4235 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

Men’s Victory Homes: (619) 487-1039

Women’s Victory Homes: (619) 610-9953